Types of Accident Claims and Solicitors in the UK

Slips, Trips & Falls

If you experience an injury due to a slip or trip on the street or road because of a pothole or concrete slabs that are not even etc. you might be eligible to claim for compensation. This injury could be on private or public land and sites. These kinds of accidents could happen somewhere and someone is in charge of the upkeep at all times. That individual is obliged to make sure that it’s realistically safe at all times. A further slip, trip or fall accident case might occur in supermarkets because of a spillage or squashed product on the floor.

Medical / Clinical Negligence

“Medical negligence or Clinical negligence is the act or omission in treatment of a patient by a medical professional, which deviates from the accepted medical standard of care.”

From time to time doctors, dentists or surgeons tend to make mistakes, which maybe cause you to experience an injury or you get ill.

If you’re a victim of medical neglect, inability or recklessness you might be eligible to get compensation. Medical instances are usually complicated and need intense examination and specialist medical understanding. Frequently, expert medical views conflict each other that need to be settled. Just because one Expert believes that they may have done things differently doesn’t automatically equate to a violation in duty of care.

This is applicable to all types of medical treatments plus opticians, dentistry, psychiatrists, midwifes etc. it doesn’t make any difference if the treatment is NHS or private.

Medical claim conditions:

Faulty Product Injury

If you experience an injury because of a damaged manufactures product or bad workmanship that you’ve bought or been provided you might need to make a compensation claim. This kind of claim has coverage under Product Liability laws. This covers everything from manufactured to imported faulty goods into the UK. It’s the importers duty to make sure that damaged imported products are fit and safe for their usually the Importers responsibility to ensure the product is fit and safe for planned usage.

Children’s toys are covered in this section too. It is important to report damaged and unsafe products to your local Trading Standards Department to examine. This might assist your injury claim too.

Sports Injury

You might have experienced an injury whilst you were taking part in a contact sport because of a neglectful or thoughtless encounter by another player. It might be credible to claim compensation from the other player’s club, association or the event organisers.

A claim might be made if you experience a sports injury because of a badly kept sports facility like a slippery or potholed court or pitch plus badly kept artificial lawn covering. Facilities inside might have leakages or scarce and/or unsuitable floor surface cleaning or maintenance that cause slippery floors.

Criminal Injury

If you’ve been a blameless victim of a brutal crime; compensation could play a crucial part in your recovery in meeting economic, physiological and emotional requirements.

There is a Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme and you’re able to claim for injuries that are due to a criminal act like burglary, arson, poisoning, and abduction, and domestic violence, crimes connected to trespassing on the railway, illness, and sexual attacks. If you’ve been physically and / or mentally attacked, or if you’ve seen one of these undertakings that has had a psychological impact on you, you may be reimbursed under the Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme.

You need the following to make a claim:

Been attacked or injured in a certain manner that is covered by the scheme and physically and/or mentally injured as a result.

  • Been in England, Scotland or Wales during the period the injury took place.
  • Been injured badly enough to meet the criteria for the least award obtainable under the Scheme.
  • Had recorded medical care for your injuries.
  • Been a dependant or relation of somebody who died because of a crime.
  • Told the police about event within 48 hours.
  • Sent your request within 2 years from the date of the incident.

Criminal Injury Time Scale

Criminal injury claims are really complicated in their character; Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) might take up to one year or longer before the final verdict is announced. More complicated cased could take even longer, particularly if fatal injuries are involved fatal injury, loss of incomes or future medical costs.

Frequently, Criminal injury cases are resolved by giving a one off compensation sum as a last award. Conversely, If a sufferer of criminality has a transparent medical disorder plus economic losses but there’s probably going to be lengthy wait in obtaining this information whilst you’re obviously entitled to compensation, you might be able to get a provisional payment, which would get subtracted from your final award.

Fatal injury

The relatives of victims that died because of a criminal act that lead to criminal injuries are entitled to claim for a ‘fatal injury’ award too. If you relied on the individual that died for money, you might be in a position to claim a ‘dependency award.’ Children below 18 years of age can claim an award for what’s known as ‘loss of parental services’.