National Accident Helpline

national accident helpline logoNational Accident Helpline is one of the best accident and injury firms; they have more than 17 years of experience in this field. They are the most experienced personal injury experts in the UK and have assisted thousands of individuals and put them in contact with their country wide group of expert personal injury solicitors who will slog away at an accelerated pace to win your case.

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Injury Lawyers 4 U

Injury Lawyers 4 U logoNationwide network of honest lawyers who's goal is to make sure that clients get all their eligible compensation - 100% - it's a legal right. They will listen to you to begin with - the proof and realities are necessary. They will be able to prepare a good case if you give them detailed information. Secondly, they advise you - if you are not sure if you have a case or not, Injury Lawyers 4 U will put you at ease and inform you if you're entitled to a no win no fee claim.

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Claims Direct

claims direct logoUK claims management company specialising in personal injury claims, injury compensation and accident claims involving motorcycle, car, bicycle... If you've had an accident because of someone else's negligence, Claims Direct could assist on a no win no fee basis. They'll offer you open and sincere advice regarding how to claim and they'll assist you throughout the entire process from the beginning until the end. They're specialists in personal injury claims that include car, motorcycle, bike and pedestrian accidents, in addition to work or public place -related accidents and medical neglect.

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Serious Law LLP

Serious Law LLP logoSerious Law are accident claim specialists. They've secured large amounts of compensation claims for people who have had an injury on a countrywide basis for more than 20 years. They get hold of the largest financial reimbursement rewards in the country, plus have recuperated more than £300 million for their client's up-to-now. Their accident claim solicitors are accredited by the Solicitors regulation Authority, Lexcel and important charities like the Spinal Injuries Association, The Back-Up Trust, International Spinal Research and Regain to make sure that each one of their services is of a really high standard.

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Claims Helpline

Claims Helpline logoClaims Helpline is devoted to supporting individuals claim compensation for accidents or professional neglect. Therefore, if you've had an accident in: Personal Injury, Work - Related , Accidents in a Public Place, Slip or Fall, Medical Neglect. Claims Helpline are ready to support you locate the relevant solicitor to represent you for your specific issue.

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Barlett's Solicitors

Barlett's Solicitors logoSince 1860, Bartlett's Solicitors have been utilising the law to safeguard and assist their clients. You're guaranteed a warm greeting from their pleasant, expert team. They have six offices in Chester, Liverpool and Ellesmere Port and more than 55 staff members who specialise in their individual areas, they offer a well-qualified , effective , and cutting edge service. You gain from all their staff members if you are their client.

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The Co-operative Legal Services

The Co-operative Legal Services logoThe Co-operative Legal Services are here to offer trustworthy legal information and support to its clients and associates of the Co-operative Group and the general public. Their legal and medical teams are qualified and have vast experience in a broad range of injuries. The type of injury you have doesn't matter, they will assist you.

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Accident & Injury Firms UK

> Introduction

Have you had an accident or injury in the last three years and want some help with a claim? Or maybe you've had a slip, trip or fall on the roadside or a supermarket and have suffered badly as a consequence? This site gives you detailed information about 19 different UK accident and injury firms that offer a high quality and specialist service in this particular field. To begin with, an overview of all the various types of claims, such as road traffic accidents, work-related accidents etc. is given so that you gain some insight into the range of options that are available to you.

> Accident Types

>> Road Traffic Accidents

If you've been wounded in a Road Traffic Accident as a driver, passenger, motor cyclist, pedestrian or cyclist (including public transport journeys) you might be eligible to claim compensation.

According to the law, UK drivers must have appropriate insurance coverage. The Insurers policy provides the driver coverage for claims from individuals hurt in a misfortune plus those individuals travelling in the vehicle of the driver. You don't have to be concerned if the driver is your spouse, relation or buddy because their vehicle Insurers reimburse whatever compensation that you might to eligible for.

If you're unlucky enough to be in an accident where the committing driver is cannot be traced or is a driver without any insurance, we can make a claim for you via the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme.

>>> Road Traffic Accident Classifications

Road traffic accidents can be categorised in the following way:

  • Accident that involved a car driver, where an additional driver damages your vehicle due to carelessness.
  • Accident that involves a cyclist, where the cyclist might have been involved in a crash with another vehicle/ or vehicles.
  • Accident where a pedestrian might have been hit by a motor vehicle.
  • Accident where an animal, not including wild animals has been involved in a crash with your vehicle and the animal owner is negligent.

>> Work-Related Accidents

Work-related accidents, or instances of poor health connected, are disturbingly common. The majority of us will have agonised, or at least be acquainted with somebody who has suffered, from an accident or a phase of illness which can be directly ascribed to our occupations. In lots of instances, reimbursements for accidents at work can make all the difference in lessening what might be a really hard situation for the accident sufferer. Working with a legitimate consultant on a no win, no fee basis makes sure that you have access to suitable legal representation. This is not about an alleged "reimbursement culture"- it's concerning your lawful and ethical entitlement to compensation where you have grieved because of the greediness or neglect of somebody else.

Some Alarming Figures

Important yearly statistics for 2008/09 from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the government organisation financially responsible for keeping an eye on and looking after health and safety in the place of work, reveal precisely how routine these incidence are.

Throughout this time, 1.2 million individuals at work suffered with an illness, which was recent or prevailing, who directly assigned their poor health to their job. 180 individual died in the routine of their jobs plus an astounding 246 000 injuries happened which could be reported to the HSE through The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR), or at a frequency of 870 per 100,000 workers.

Types of Accidents at Work

The precise description of any kind of accident or illness in the place of work will differ extensively from trade to trade plus it's apparent that the possible dangers confronted when working in a heavy trade environment will vary significantly from those faced in an office or retail setting. A conclusive list is not possible given the enormous range jobs. The only similar aspect in everyone is the employer's obligation to their employees and the wider public as a whole, a duty of care.

Employer's Duty Of Care

This duty of care means that the employer must take all realistic steps to make sure their employees are safe and that the dangers of any likely occurrence are evaluated and equipped for, with sufficient guidance, protective gear, or alternate procedures when relevant.

The important term here is 'realistic' and we're able to presume that these are typically the arrangements of any thoughtful and moral employer. Health & Safety law does not oblige that each hypothetical possibility is deliberated without thinking about the realities and expenses involved. Nevertheless, it does require and demand that employee health and safety procedures are realistically adequate for the type of risk involved plus the expenses sustained to the employer are proportional to that level of danger.

Accident Reporting

Therefore, what if a person believes that an employer has been discovered to be lacking in their duty of care to their employees? The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, lays out the outline stating what we might realistically anticipate from all employers. The act has been developed and updated by succeeding law plus measures needed to make sure the well-being of a contemporary workforce are now fully arranged.

For instance, RIDDOR 1995 offers some guidance regarding the numerous accidents and illnesses that might happen to staff as a result of the kind work they do. It expects the employer to report details of any incidents that fall within the clearly defined categories, to the Health and Safety Executive too. Additionally, to the more noticeable mishaps at work that result in injuries of more or less severity, the RIDDOR law expects employers to report any work-related illnesses or diseases, or certainly, any incident, which has meant that an employee has been absent for more than three days.

Reporting procedure that leads to a Compensation Claim

If an incident falls into one of the categories outlined by RIDDOR, it might be correct to get some guidance about making a compensation claim. Drawn out recovery has the potential to put a significant amount of pressure on your financial, in addition to your psychological and physical assets.

These unlucky events that might ultimately end in a compensation claim usually occur because of a sequence of behaviours or exclusions, which would realistically be thought of as neglectful. This might be due to an employer failing to update the compulsory risk assessments to keep up with changes in technology or working practices. It might be related to poor training too, which might have been totally absent. Vast amount of employees are expected to carry out meticulous work in poorly lit locations, or work with huge items without being given the right manual handling training plus it's exactly these circumstances that might end in agony and misery.

Regardless of what has happened, the conducts that have to be taken are the same. The initial ethical and, certainly lawful requirement is to highlight all areas of concern relating to health and safety repercussions of existing work practises to a relevant individual. This might be a Health & Safety representative, shop keeper, or line manager.

The second stage is to make sure that the incident is correctly and truthfully documented with the evidence backing the incident. The record must include times, dates and places. A short summary of the incident and a comment about how it was reported must be included too. This might appear as an unimportant and useless exercise for the massive amount of minor cuts and bruises; however, it is a legal requirement and a really sensible preventative measure. If there are any problems later on, this record will be essential if you want to secure any compensation.

Making A Work-Related Accident Compensation Claim

If the injury or illness is enough to damage the capacity to work, then it might be worth getting some information about the likelihood of making a claim for compensation. This might be dealt with through a Trade Union, although it is usually done by using an accident and injury lawyer. Usually this is based on a conditional fee agreement (CFA), generally referred to as a no win no fee arrangement. This means that the lawyer will cover all the legal expense if the case fails. On the other hand, if the case is successful, all the expense will be passed on to the party at fault, without any deductions from the compensation payment.

Concerns about any Paybacks

One last issue to mention is that plenty of employees that suffer due to a work-related, injury or illness are uncertain about getting advice about the likelihood of reimbursement because they dread a repercussion from their employer. Even though this has occurred previously, the majority of employers now understand that these are exactly the situations they purchase employer's liability insurance (ELI) and send their paper work to their insurers. After all, it is in their best interest to have a safe and healthy workforce. It can assist in lowering the 29.3 million work days lost in previous years because of work-related accidents and injuries.

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